Expanded bucket capabilities made EZ

H & H Sales and Manufacturing, Inc. offers a full line of bucket attachments designed to increase the utility of and extend the life of your equipment. EZ Attachments are an ideal addition to any business because they:

  • Eliminate the need for costly, multiple buckets or machines

  • Allow smaller equipment to perform heavier duty work in a variety of soil conditions

  • Are heavy duty, yet compact for easy transport and conversion

EZ Attachments:
A Cut Above

All attachments feature a patented unique "V" shaped design that fits around the bucket edge providing a stronger cutting edge. In addition, the attachments provide:


  • An inexpensive way to make your equipment more profitable

  • Rugged field tested construction for top performance every time

  • A custom design to fit a wide range of bucket sizes

  • "V" design that fits over most bolt-on cutting edges

  • Easy attachment in just minutes on any new or used bucket

  • Bolt assembly included

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